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Raintree Nursery
(raintreenursery.com 360-496-6400)

see explanation below

> We are reorganizing and have decided to temporarily curtail all direct sales except bulk bee orders (more than 100 bees*). Raintree Nursery, our major retailer, will carry our bees and nesting supplies. Please contact them for service. We will still supply them with blue orchard bees (mason bees) of the same quality.

> We are temporarily discontinuing the NB20 series (20-hole nest box, inserts) in exchange for the NB50 (50-hole, 6-inch system). This is our "Orchardist" box, with 5 times the capacity of the NB20. Raintree is offering this as a complete pollinator kit or separately with 100 extra inserts.

> These changes will enable us to concentrate on producing more quality bees. We guarantee our bees to be of proper size, parasite and disease-free, and at least 1/3 female. If you opt to obtain bees from another source, please read our RECOMMENDATIONS for purchasing bees from other vendors.

> We still offer advice on bees and pollination. Email, write, or call

*Once again we are sold out of bees for the coming spring. Please order now for spring of 2011! We will extend to you this year's price.


Thank you for your business -- may yours thrive!

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Female Mason BeeMason Bees

Mason bees, also known as Blue Orchard Bees, or BOBs, are native North American bees. Like all bees they visit flowers for nectar and pollen and in so doing pollinate or fertilize the flowers. BOBs are very efficient compared to honey bees. They are reluctant to sting, are educational, and can be easily cultivated. If you are looking for fruit or berry pollination, BOBs could be a solution for you. Learn more about BOBs. Read about our bee products.

Orchardist Nest BoxSupplies for BOB culture

BOBs are solitary. Females build nests in tubular holes about 5/16 in. (6.5-7 mm) in diameter. They can be found nesting in many human-made materials and it is easy to attract them to artificial nest boxes with many holes. Years of scientific research have shown how to get maximum BOB nesting. Nest boxes should be lined with removable inserts which are replaced each year so the bees always have clean nests. Read more about BOB cultivation with the straw insert system.

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Science & Education

Fly IllustrationScientific Illustration

One picture is worth 1000 words. A good illustration can transform a publication or a boring wall. We have been illustrating scientific articles and books since 1980. Our techniques include traditional pen & ink, computer graphics, traditional and digital photography. Need a picture? Check out what we offer.

Museum ExhibitEducational Exhibits

The next best thing to experiencing nature is to take in a good exhibit, and with effective interpretive information, you might learn more in a short time than you would in the field. We have been bringing science and nature to life in exhibits since 1996, including living and non-living displays. Have a look at what we can do.

Writing ExampleWriting & Editing

We are scientists by training and have spent large parts of our careers writing science at levels ranging from lay to technical. We offer writing and editorial services for all types of biological media. You can check out a publications list here.

Design ObjectGeneral Design

We solve problems with design! We have experience in devising efficient, attractive, and cost-effective solutions to problems such as storage in small spaces, security, and energy conservation. Have a look at our solutions gallery.

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